Day 32… Already feeling like a blimp

But that might be the potato chips I had with my soup last night!

My hubby says I’ve got the crazies too… So many moods, so little time.


Heart hurts

I caught a student of mine cheating on a quiz today.  She’s not a cheater, and she used to be a super sweet, fun, smart girl.  Now, she seems removed from school, and I could tell that something bad must be going on for this change to happen.  I knew she had a loser boyfriend, but she told me today that he went to jail, her parents are getting divorced, her mom has a drinking problem and blames everything on her.  She’s been working a lot to help her mom pay for stuff and she bailed her bf out of jail.  I didn’t really know what to say so I said it seems like she’s taking on a lot of responsibility.  I think of all the things that I could have said now, that we’re through talking about it.  I could have told her to think about now and nothing else.  That someone has to take care of her and that might need to be herself. 

Day 31… Wait, what?

After four home pregnancy tests and two blood tests, I still look in the mirror and think, huh? Wha? Seriously? No, seriously?! And then my stomach does a back flip and I remember that yes, I am turning food into a tiny human.

I know Tom and I will be good parents, I just feel like there is so much to do! It took me a year and a half to plan my wedding!! That was one day of my life! I’m planning for someone’s WHOLE LIFE. Thank you Pinterest for showing me the way to showers, nurseries, onesies and all things cloth-diapered. Hubby isn’t really ready to talk about this quite yet. He’s going through a transition work-wise and switching his career completely. It’s not like he’s anti-poppyseed, he just isn’t ready to think about things like wall color and the great binkey vs. passie debate of 2012. He will be. All in good time. So I’m taking it slow with him. He’s been reading a lot in the books and online. He wants to know every detail of every doctors appointment, to the point now that I just take notes: “nurse is wearing blue flowery scrubs”, “while taking my blood she asks me about my wedding ring”, “doctor tells funny ‘baby and a Rabi walk into a bar’ joke” because at this point that’s about all they can do. Test blood, take blood pressure, pee in cup. The end.

Day 30… Back to work

Thanksgiving break is over so off to work I go! Some very good friends of mine work with me and they know we’re trying. Hope they don’t figure it out somehow! One girl is currently 13 weeks pregnant also, which is exciting that I’ll have a prego buddy!!

I’m also very glad to have this outlet to write, even if no one reads it! I don’t want to tell anyone yet, but like to talk about it.

Temping highly recommended

For anyone who cares, I did take my temp when trying to conceive. First, I’m a math teacher and I love math, science and data to back up any hypothesis. So, I took my temperature every day at 5am (my usual wake up time for work, and even if I didn’t have to get up I’d temp and the go back to sleep). Some days I’d wake up extra early (2am, 4am, etc) and the books said you needed 4 or more continuous hours of sleep, so I’d just take it then.
For MONTHS I thought I ovulated 12 days after my last period, but as soon as I started temping, I discovered I was ovulating 2-3 days earlier than I thought. So this changed my timing.
Second, every month your temp rises after you ovulate and if you do get pregnant, your temp will stay up. So on the days leading up to my period, my temp stayed up and I had a very good feeling that I was pregnant and I in fact was!

Temping takes the guess work out of it. There is no reason not to temp! You don’t have to do it at 2, 4 or 5am like me, you just do it as soon as you wake up! There are some great apps too that help you chart your temp. I like MyDays the best. It makes a great and easy to read temp graph that makes it so clear when your temp spikes, etc.

Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions about temping, Trying to conceive or early pregnancy. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I’m an avid reader and have been devouring books, blogs, and websites. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it!!

Day 29: Grocery shopping

It’s a whole new story now, grocery shopping with so much more on my mind (can’t have tuna, can I have rice vinegar?…) and turning to google and “What to expect” every five minutes. I did find a great cookbook at the library though, “Healthy family meals”. A lot of low-fat stuff, which being prego I switch to regular fat, low sodium. But they have recipes for salmon, chicken, pork, even some lean beef. Yum! This week I’m making some chicken pot pies! Woohoo!


Why? Why am I awake? Aren’t I supposed to be so tired I want to fall down? I come to bed and my brain won’t shut off. Last night I tossed and turned all night. What’s the deal?! PS Tom is so cute! He gets really mad (not really mad, play really mad) when I try to do anything (like move a couch) or if I even go into the room with the litter boxes. Awwww…..