Day 31… Wait, what?

After four home pregnancy tests and two blood tests, I still look in the mirror and think, huh? Wha? Seriously? No, seriously?! And then my stomach does a back flip and I remember that yes, I am turning food into a tiny human.

I know Tom and I will be good parents, I just feel like there is so much to do! It took me a year and a half to plan my wedding!! That was one day of my life! I’m planning for someone’s WHOLE LIFE. Thank you Pinterest for showing me the way to showers, nurseries, onesies and all things cloth-diapered. Hubby isn’t really ready to talk about this quite yet. He’s going through a transition work-wise and switching his career completely. It’s not like he’s anti-poppyseed, he just isn’t ready to think about things like wall color and the great binkey vs. passie debate of 2012. He will be. All in good time. So I’m taking it slow with him. He’s been reading a lot in the books and online. He wants to know every detail of every doctors appointment, to the point now that I just take notes: “nurse is wearing blue flowery scrubs”, “while taking my blood she asks me about my wedding ring”, “doctor tells funny ‘baby and a Rabi walk into a bar’ joke” because at this point that’s about all they can do. Test blood, take blood pressure, pee in cup. The end.


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