Uggggh!!! Real life!!!

I just have to say that life sucks. Real life. The kind of life where you get up at 5am, work all day with shitty little liars that call you dumb and don’t get punished by their deans and nice kids get suspended for two weeks, run errands for an hour after work, watch 20 minutes of tv, cook dinner, fight with husband for no reason, eat dinner, continue fight, stop talking to husband because it’s pointless, clean up dinner and go to bed. That kind of life sucks.

The life that I like is the one where a student says that math is fun and he loves the chapter you’re working on, you have time to read a book, write out Christmas cards, and watch an entire hour-long tv show, get all your errands done, your husband buys a magazine he thinks you’d be interested in and you actually have time to read it, and your cat snuggles up with you when you fall asleep. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

This may have been a little bit of a bi-polar post, but no one actually reads it, so that’s ok. And I’ve been a little bi-polar lately anyway, so it works.


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