Day 41… And it begins

As soon as I hit snooze this morning, I knew I felt a lot different. I hadn’t yet felt any queasiness or nausea. Until today. After about 10 minutes laying in bed deciding whether or not moving would cause me to hurl (5 years in college teaches you a lot about early morning nausea), I got up and went to the kitchen to get a kashi flax bar. I ate it slowly and climbed back into bed. The bar made no difference. In 2010, I went to Viet Nam, where they have a lot of ginger (they pronounce it “geen-ger”), I picked some up here at the local Meijer when I first found out I was prego, and having a piece of that helps a lot. Ginger is a strange flavor. It’s very strong and you could almost say it’s hot, but more like how horseradish is hot, not at all like a jalapeño. Ginger is hot for a second, then you swallow and it’s gone. Jalapeño hot sticks with you for a while! The ginger-anti-nausea effect doesn’t last forever, maybe 30 minutes, but it does help, and a lot more than ginger ale.

I’ve also been dizzy a lot lately, but I haven’t found anything that really helps with that besides standing or sitting still, and not blowing your nose too seriously.


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