Day 41: queasy, day 42: not, day 43: queasy

I don’t feel much like writing today, but I didn’t at all yesterday, so here it goes. Last night my friend had a 30th birthday party and we were all playing games and most were drinking (I was of course the DD, and usually when I’m not prego and the DD, I’m sad because booze looks so tasty but I never felt that way at all yesterday). We weren’t home until almost 2, and I was so tired I don’t know how I kept my eyes open on the drive home. But hubby was a little drunk and he was def not driving. So at 8am my bladder started yelling at me so I got up to pee (with my eyes still closed) and hubby pops his head in the bathroom and says “hi honey! Your eyes are closed!” Super loud, scares the crap out of me, and totally wakes me up. Then he leaves the room, I go back to bed with the door a little open and he runs the vacuum! Which I greatly appreciate that he does, but not when I’ve had 5 hours of sleep! Arrgh. And now I’m awake. Double arrgh. And I want pecan pancakes for breakfast but they’re not healthy. Triple arrgh.


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