Day 44… Want to tell the world

The title sums it up: I am bursting on the inside, wanting to tell my pregnant or kid-friendly friends! I want to ask them about things but I don’t want them to be suspicious so I have to be careful about everything I say! Which is frustrating because I feel like I can’t keep a thought in my head for more than 30 seconds!! There have been days where I’ll be with a group of people and not say a word because I keep thinking “oh when Sally is done talking about her dog, I should tell that funny story about ___”. And I wait patiently for her to finish and by the time she’s done, I’ve completely forgotten what I wanted to say, so I just listen attentively and try to make my brain work!  Also, one of my good work friends is currently also pregnant, about 8 weeks ahead of me, so she tells stories like “yeah my hubby won’t let me lift anything anymore” and I want to say “Yeah I know what you mean, T won’t even let me carry the laundry baskets downstairs because he’s afraid I’ll fall!”  But, I can’t say that.  It’s so hard to keep something like this from people you tell everything to, and talk to everyday, and someone who would know exactly how you’re feeling.  It’s the one thing that I can’t stop thinking about and the one thing I can’t talk about.  This is not the first time it’s almost tumbled out either.  I took a picture of my positive pregnancy test and was asking another friend about iPhones and photo storage and showed her my photo album page that had a bunch of little pictures on it, the last one being the positive test!  YIKES! It was so tiny and she wasn’t really looking at it, but what if she saw it?!  Ah, well.  That’s why I have you, dear readers.


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