Day 58… Everyday that goes by

Thank goodness I’m on vacation until Jan 7 so I can sleep all I want. T is on vaca till jan 2 so it’ll be nice to get to hang out at home together. I don’t really know what to say today, so excuse me if I ramble. We’ve been in Arizona visiting friends since Friday December 21, and I knew they’d be on to us, so we decided to tell them I was prego. It was nice getting to tell people. It was great being able to talk about it and get my girlfriend’s advice. Her one piece: lotion up that belly!!! Haha! She suggested using coco butter, which I’ve heard works. We’ll see. So I’m 8 weeks and 2 days now, and have gained about 5 pounds, which latched on to my belly, ass, and hips around day 15-20. I gained it all in about a week, which freaked me out, but I read that it’s normal and probably water weight. I haven’t gained anything since, so I’m not too worried. Yet. T doesn’t want to let me even look at baby stuff in stores because of “what ifs”. He was married before and they had a very hard getting/staying pregnant, so he’s much more nervous because of that reason. He also tells me everyday that goes by he’s less nervous and feels more sure everything will be ok. Everyday that goes by our chances get better and better of everything being fine. I’ve (knock on wood) had really no problems at all, and I feel very good.


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