Day 60… My first ultrasound

Well, today is December 26 and T and I are at the doctors office for my 8 1/2 week ultrasound. I’m super excited and he is a heart-burned mess. (His words). Like I’ve said before, he had some issues in his previous marriage and has never been to a successful ultrasound. So we were both so excited we got here like a half hour early. The nurse took me back for my vitals: weight (up 6lbs from pre-pregnancy! Yikes!), blood pressure (120/68), and a pee sample (nothing interesting to report here, it’s pee in a cup). And now we’re waiting for the ultrasound to be ready. And although its only been 15 minutes it may well have been 105!

So they finally called me into the ultrasound room and explained that I was having a trans-vaginal ultrasound, so I needed to strip waste down. (Hubby was with me.) The US tech inserts a probe covered with a condom-like sheath inside my vagina and starts maneuvering it around. It’s similar to the way a speculum feels inserted but thinner and it does not expand. She looked at some things on the screen at first and then turned it to show us. We saw a little peanut! We could see the head, body and little arm and leg buds. We could also see the heartbeat. It just looked like a little blur on the screen. The us tech said the baby’s heart rate was 170 and that’s great! Yay!! She showed us the yolk sack which just looked like a white ring, and then she checked my ovaries, and measured everything. The baby: crown to rump, the yolk sack, my uterus. We talked with the NP for a while about pre-natal screening (which we’ve declined but are still discussing). They took more blood and then we were done.

Afterwards, we decided to tell my parents. We went to Walgreens, bought a “Merry Christmas grandparents” card, made copies of the US photo, and went over there. My parents were over the moon about it. They were so thrilled and happy for us. I’m sure my mom has already completed two baby quilts in the last 24 hours. Haha!



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