Day 70… Baby: noun

“A mother-fucking roly-poly chubby-cheeked shit machine.” ~ Deb from Dexter


Day 66… NYD part 2

And the clean up begins and the smell of stale beer bottles really turns my tummy. So wonderful hubby’s doing that and I’m going to do the dishes and rest of clean up when he’s done.

Day 66… NYD part 1

And now that it’s 3:02am I just want to sleep forever, hubby is passed out next to me and his three idiot guy friends are still up, still drinking, and yelling at each other about fucking football. On what planet is that cool? Maybe you don’t need to fucking sleep but I’m fucking prego and I do!!! But I can’t fucking say that because we’re not telling people. Ugh I hate everyone.

Day 65… NYE

Omg being sober when all my friends are can’t-speak-English wasted is so not fun. I’m pretty sure they have no idea. I’ve being going between ice water and sprite and telling my friends it’s sprite and vodka. (Which I’d NEVER drink but they don’t know that!). Then for the midnight toast I poured everyone champagne and sparkling wine for myself. Then the fake champagne bottle got passed around! I don’t think they even noticed!! Ha! People are so oblivious. Lol