Day 193… Wee fingers

I have been able to feel the baby for a while. Probably 10 weeks now. It feels weird but I keep picturing these sweet little fingers and toes wiggling around. Ahhhhh so cute.


Day 66… NYD part 1

And now that it’s 3:02am I just want to sleep forever, hubby is passed out next to me and his three idiot guy friends are still up, still drinking, and yelling at each other about fucking football. On what planet is that cool? Maybe you don’t need to fucking sleep but I’m fucking prego and I do!!! But I can’t fucking say that because we’re not telling people. Ugh I hate everyone.

Day 65… NYE

Omg being sober when all my friends are can’t-speak-English wasted is so not fun. I’m pretty sure they have no idea. I’ve being going between ice water and sprite and telling my friends it’s sprite and vodka. (Which I’d NEVER drink but they don’t know that!). Then for the midnight toast I poured everyone champagne and sparkling wine for myself. Then the fake champagne bottle got passed around! I don’t think they even noticed!! Ha! People are so oblivious. Lol

Day 60… My first ultrasound

Well, today is December 26 and T and I are at the doctors office for my 8 1/2 week ultrasound. I’m super excited and he is a heart-burned mess. (His words). Like I’ve said before, he had some issues in his previous marriage and has never been to a successful ultrasound. So we were both so excited we got here like a half hour early. The nurse took me back for my vitals: weight (up 6lbs from pre-pregnancy! Yikes!), blood pressure (120/68), and a pee sample (nothing interesting to report here, it’s pee in a cup). And now we’re waiting for the ultrasound to be ready. And although its only been 15 minutes it may well have been 105!

So they finally called me into the ultrasound room and explained that I was having a trans-vaginal ultrasound, so I needed to strip waste down. (Hubby was with me.) The US tech inserts a probe covered with a condom-like sheath inside my vagina and starts maneuvering it around. It’s similar to the way a speculum feels inserted but thinner and it does not expand. She looked at some things on the screen at first and then turned it to show us. We saw a little peanut! We could see the head, body and little arm and leg buds. We could also see the heartbeat. It just looked like a little blur on the screen. The us tech said the baby’s heart rate was 170 and that’s great! Yay!! She showed us the yolk sack which just looked like a white ring, and then she checked my ovaries, and measured everything. The baby: crown to rump, the yolk sack, my uterus. We talked with the NP for a while about pre-natal screening (which we’ve declined but are still discussing). They took more blood and then we were done.

Afterwards, we decided to tell my parents. We went to Walgreens, bought a “Merry Christmas grandparents” card, made copies of the US photo, and went over there. My parents were over the moon about it. They were so thrilled and happy for us. I’m sure my mom has already completed two baby quilts in the last 24 hours. Haha!


Day 58… Everyday that goes by

Thank goodness I’m on vacation until Jan 7 so I can sleep all I want. T is on vaca till jan 2 so it’ll be nice to get to hang out at home together. I don’t really know what to say today, so excuse me if I ramble. We’ve been in Arizona visiting friends since Friday December 21, and I knew they’d be on to us, so we decided to tell them I was prego. It was nice getting to tell people. It was great being able to talk about it and get my girlfriend’s advice. Her one piece: lotion up that belly!!! Haha! She suggested using coco butter, which I’ve heard works. We’ll see. So I’m 8 weeks and 2 days now, and have gained about 5 pounds, which latched on to my belly, ass, and hips around day 15-20. I gained it all in about a week, which freaked me out, but I read that it’s normal and probably water weight. I haven’t gained anything since, so I’m not too worried. Yet. T doesn’t want to let me even look at baby stuff in stores because of “what ifs”. He was married before and they had a very hard getting/staying pregnant, so he’s much more nervous because of that reason. He also tells me everyday that goes by he’s less nervous and feels more sure everything will be ok. Everyday that goes by our chances get better and better of everything being fine. I’ve (knock on wood) had really no problems at all, and I feel very good.

Day 55… And away we go

T and I are in Arizona today (12/21/12) through Christmas Eve. First, I felt like absolute garbage today. Super nauseous, terrible headache, extra tired. And we have to get on a plane. And I had to work today. And I can’t sleep on planes. So now we’re finally in Arizona with our best friends in the world and all I want to do is sleep! They don’t know yet, but once they put the pieces together: not drinking alcohol (which we used to do a lot of) plus we’re going to the bears game this weekend, not drinking coffee (which again, I used to do a lot of), not eating my usual faves like sausage, hot dogs, and pizza, not going in the hot tub (another usual fave). I have a feeling they’re going to figure it out pretty quickly since we’re staying with them. T’s undecided on whether or not he wants to tell them, I think if they asked us directly we’d probably say yes but I think he’s nervous about jinxing us since I’m only 8 weeks tomorrow.

On a happier note, I have my first ultrasound on December 26th! Merry Christmas to us!! And luckily my doctor has all the equipment in the office and she’s going to do a